Are you eager to sell your products and services to the hotel industry?

Take this 10-Lesson course from the industry leading experts at iDEAL Hospitality Partners Group and learn the ins and outs, the how-to’s and why’s and start engaging with key contacts and stakeholders within the complex world of the hospitality ecosystem.

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This self-led course is for you if:

  • You want to understand who are hospitality industry decision makers – brands, owners, management companies, hotels, GPO’s

  • You have a great product or service that is needed or strongly desired within the hotel business

  • You want to be knowledgeable and informed how to develop a targeted plan and deploy sales

supplier selling to hotels

The 10 Critical Lessons for Suppliers Who Want to Sell Products, Technology and Services to the Hotel Industry

Lesson 1: Hospitality Business Overview: Definition and Culture
Understanding the true definition of “hospitality” and learning the culture is step 1 in becoming a trusted supplier advisor in the hotel industry.

Lesson 2: Hotel Market Types and Departmental Spend
A description of all the types of hotels, from economy through luxury to help suppliers identify which sector is perfect for their product, technology or service. We’ll review the average supplier spend for limited service and full service hotels and how the P&L works.

Lesson 3: The Hospitality Ecosystem from Brands through GPO’s
Understand the entire hospitality ecosystem and how each of them work with one another, and how it relates to procurement of goods and services with suppliers.

Lesson 4: Decision Process at Management Companies and Hotels

Dive into the complexities of the relationship between management companies and hotels and learn about which entity and department makes decisions about products and services. Examples of decision-making process provided on a sampling of products.

Lesson 5: Talk Like A Hotelier: Know the Hospitality Language and Acronyms
Hospitality talk can sound like a foreign language and this lesson will give you all the definitions and acronyms to get you talking like a hotelier in no time. This is a road step to becoming a trusted advisor.

Lesson 6: How Suppliers Can Solve Industry-Wide Challenges and Supply Chain
Be educated on industry-wide concerns and focuses and become a problem-solver and help hoteliers achieve their goals. In this lesson are 6 issues that are common and ways that you can respond. The top distributors and suppliers within each department will help provide great insight.

Lesson 7: Hotel Procurement Methods and the Need for Easy Ordering
Be prepared for various procurement methods and ordering processes at hotels, including eProcurement and total procure-to-pay technology. Make it easy for hotels to place and receive orders from you as a supplier – they will appreciate you did!

Lesson 8: Industry Trends and Conferences, Publications and More
Learn about the top networking opportunities, hotel industry conferences, publications and associations that you should consider as a supplier. Many can be very expensive, so choose wisely. Keeping up with the news and trends will help develop your trusted advisor status more quickly and give you talking points in your prospecting endeavors.

Lesson 9: Hospitality Marketing IS Sales: Materials Needed & Website
Know how to market like a hotelier rock star. Think of your marketing strategy as the building block for sales.  When it comes to doing business in the hotel business. It’s important to have a clear online presence, both on your website and LinkedIn. Be sure to have your marketing in place before you launch your prospecting plan.

Lesson 10: Step-by-Step Guide for Prospecting Sales in Hospitality
Let’s launch sales!  This final lesson will give you the roadmap on how to successfully launch your sales effort to the hotel market. You have learned so much along the way in Lessons 1-9 – you are ready to go!  Good luck!

“The hospitality business is now our main sales channel, thanks to our partnership with iDEAL Hospitality Partners Group.”

Gabe Giordano, CEO and Founder Ultimate Water for Chlorine Genie

How to Sell Products to the Hotel Industry 


  • Each professional lesson designed for supplier companies is between 10-25 minutes in length, for a total of almost 3 hours of industry knowledge and sales guides.
  • 10 lessons available in video, downloadable PDF presentation and transcript format. Whatever your learning style, we make it easy.
  • Course written by leading hospitality industry veterans experts who coach and advise suppliers on selling processes to hotels. CEO has 40 years of hospitality procurement experience, representing $1.4B in sales.
  • Explanations of key decision makers and stakeholders with hotels, management companies, brands, owners and group purchasing organizations (GPO’s).
  • Industry-insight, trends, conferences, and association recommendations
  • Overview and breakdown of how hotels procure products and the average spend by hotel type
  • Complete guide on marketing material to use for sales that is critical to success. Examples provided
  • Education on the procurement processes hotels utilize
  • Step by step guide on the steps required to launch sales. It’s Go Time!