iDeal Hospitality Procurement Group ensures the suppliers and supply chains are industry-focused companies and offer products that are tailored specifically for your property in all market segments, for a variety of brands. We drive efficient and sustainable solutions to ensure savings for the hotel and the multifamily housing market.

We listen to you to laser target a solution that offers a customized solution, taking clients through the contract and implementation process, so that you can achieve bottom line results for owners.

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Our Procurement Process


The first step to any good relationship is listening. We want to hear what is working now for your hotel or company and what are the opportunities to be better at efficiency and profitability. We want to brainstorm ideas with you and hear about your technology, reporting and accountability process. We really get to know and understand the decision maker, the purchasing coordinator, and anyone that is a key stakeholder in making your world run as seamlessly as possible.

Our Procurement Process


Targeting low hanging fruit and creating successful business development plans is the quickest path to big wins for any business. Our experts will analyze your specific needs and understand goals to create a laser targeted plan for growth and bottom line results for your owners. Creating a step by step plan for our clients is our speciality.  Hotel products can be unique and how hotels buy products and services is an organized and focused process. Supply chain solutions, competitive analysis, customer service process and more are all important areas we target for our clients.

Our Procurement Process


One size does not fit all and customizing is important for many businesses.  At iDeal Hospitality Procurement Group, we understand brand hotel specifications and pay close attention to products and services that are mandated vs. recommended. For independent hotels, resorts and boutique properties, you need products and a procurement program that sets you apart from competition and keeps guests remembering what they love about your hotel.  Suppliers know this important and we seek out and develop businesses that offer innovative products and services to help you be unique, branded and fresh.

Our Procurement Process


We are your contractual advocate. When a client and company have performed their due diligence and it’s a match for partnership, iDeal Hospitality Procurement Group will facilitate the contract process between all parties and review contract language.  We often consult on recommendations of terms, timelines for implementation, reporting methods and more.

Our Procurement Process


iDeal Hospitality Procurement Group does not leave the side of a client or the company when a contract is signed with an organization, management company/owner, GPO, etc. We work diligently to ensure the plan for business success and implementation of programs, including all communication, is on point and is designed to connect all the processes properly from ordering to delivery at the dock.  We want to ensure success happens effectively and as fast as possible.

Our Procurement Process


When a client adopts and fully utilizes a procurement program or a company succeeds at developing sales in the hotel industry, savings and growth happen! iDeal Hospitality Procurement Group wants to make sure everything is solid for the client and for the company. As a consultant and mediator, it is our responsibility to follow up and follow through to ensure all parties work together to achieve their goals We know from decades of experience, business partnerships work and savings is achieved through full utilization and open communication.

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