iDEAL Hospitality Partners Group conducted a market test and supplier study to determine if sales growth can be achieved within the hospitality industry for the product, designed for upscale hotels


NEW SUPPLIER PRODUCT TARGET MARKET: Upscale branded and unbranded, and independent luxury and boutique hotels


  • Determine if new product will sell in hotels
  • Identify competitors and key customers
  • Understand if product will work with existing technology
  • Create sales strategy for hospitality market


  • Identified upscale and luxury segment as target and # hotels, brands, management companies
  • Completed competitive analysis with like products and other technologies that would create obstacles for product entry into hotels
  • Evaluated if product would perform with current equipment and technology in majority of hotels
  • Created business strategy to attract and attain hotelier customers


  • Product requires integration into existing technology equipment
  • The typical cleaning and sanitizing methods hotels use will not be possible with this product. An alternative will need to be recommended that is easy and cost effective.
  • This supplier can offer significant savings. There is a major competitor that has contracts and agreements with brands and GPOs, but is much more expensive.

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