“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” Andrew Carnegie

Jill Dean Rigsbee
Jill Dean RigsbeeCEO & Founder
She’s a 40-year hospitality veteran and often jokes, “I started in this business when I was 7 yrs old, if you’re doing math”. (Not really true) Through her career on the supplier and procurement side and experience in hotels, she understands the relationship between owners, brands, hotels, management companies and GPO’s. Jill has a multi-million dollar track record in business development and has led sales for products, services, and technology for major companies in hospitality. Jill built iDEAL to bring her hotel customers innovative and problem-solving suppliers.

Wife/Momma/Dog Mom, dreamer, drummer, designer, wine & food club organizer, survivor, optimistic

Chuck Rigsbee
Chuck RigsbeeCFO & CPA
As the accounting guru and keeper of books and finances, Chuck ensures all the debits and credits are on point for the company and suppliers that are iDEAL’s partners. Everyone that knows him agrees – he operates his work and life with integrity and ethics. He has a keen eye for the bottom line and an understanding of the value of data and reporting, budgets and forecasts. He strives for exceptional service, accuracy and building valued relationships with his clients. Chuck has built a CPA firm that provides accounting services for 40 businesses.

Family man, college sports enthusiast, pretty low-key, dog lover, neighborhood Mayor, supporter

Andy Haynes
Andy HaynesVP, Strategic Growth
Clients and customers value Andy’s strong passion for problem solving and exploring new, unknown situations and developing solutions. He is a creator of competitive advantages in the hospitality and multi-family industry and has a strong track record to achieve innovative results and rock solid relationships. Andy is a brand maximizer, marketing and PR expert, and campaign developer. With over 40 years experience in hospitality, retail, product development, sales and marketing, he is a critical thinker who leads companies to success.

Family-focused, critical thinker, customer advocate, creative strategist, understanding, planner

Monica Rodriguez-Martinez
Monica Rodriguez-MartinezDir. Business Success
Monica has 10+ years experience in the hotel and resort industry as a Director of Sales, Revenue Manager & Sales Manager. She literally wrote the book on follow up / organization and she always keeps her promises. She is a master at listening to customers at management companies and hotels and then develops supplier solutions to solve costly problems facing the industry today and beyond. Monica oversees the daily business operations, CRM and system goals for iDEAL. She is an educator both in the office with her colleagues and with valued customers & suppliers.

Mom, sports and outdoor enthusiast, book club member, organizer, balance seeker, adventurer, go-getter

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