iDEAL Hospitality Partners Group evaluated hospitality industry lobby markets to determine ROI calculation methods and factors for profitability and overcoming supply chain issues


EVALUATION AREA OF STUDY: Lobby markets in branded and unbranded economy through luxury hotels

INCLUDED IN STUDY: Hotels, management companies and owner/operators


  • Allotment of labor time not sufficient for properly managing lobby market
  • Markets are not well stocked
  • Technology for self-guest checkout has quirks and limitations
  • Calculating true profit margins is challenging
  • Design, location and square footage of market is not always ideal and limits sales


  • Lobby market is not on its own P&L in hotels and therefore costs and profits have not been identified clearly
  • Many hotels are not optimizing square footage space and revenue
  • Hoteliers are experts at managing hotel operations, but not at retail operations, which is key for lobby markets
  • Identified 5 key metrics for profitable lobby markets

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