iDEAL Hospitality Partners Group evaluated hospitality industry swimming pools to determine if widespread common issues exist that Ultimate Water, Inc. and Chlorine Genie would solve, through pilot testing, and if factors of increased sustainability and cost savings can be achieved.


EVALUATION AREA OF STUDY: Hotel swimming pools

INCLUDED IN STUDY: Certified Pool Operators, hotels, owners, management companies


  • Pool chlorination systems and methods not effective consistently
  • Quality of pool water difficult to optimize
  • Pool surface corrosion from salt
  • Labor requirements to maintain pool and equipment is heavy and service is sporadic
  • Guest safety and liability concerns due to harsh chemical usage


  • Pool water quality and clarity greatly improved
  • $13,000 average savings in 3 years/average pool with Chlorine Genie unit
  • Reduced labor eliminated time consuming maintenance
  • Environmental benefits achieved through reduced trucking, storage and usage of harsh chemicals

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