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Who is iDEAL Hospitality Partners Group?

We are a bunch of hospitality people with decades of experience in hotels, supply chain contracting and procurement. Throughout our careers, we met some amazing, very cool suppliers that had products or services that had a ‘wow’ factor. Many of these companies were trying to step into hotels on their own and were learning about the complexities and needed to just get the door opened. iDEAL was born to provide guidance, consulting, and business development services for those companies we believe are iDEAL for the hospitality market.

We are a hotel / management company that works with a Group Purchasing Organization. Do you compete with them?

No. Absolutely not! In fact, we hope to take many of our suppliers to the group purchasing services and organization companies that have an opportunity for a contract.  We educate our suppliers on the importance and value of GPO’s.  Because we act as an agent for many of our supplier partners, when we do have a contract with a GPO, iDEAL continues to boost sales, which ultimately helps the GPO, the supplier company and iDEAL. It’s a win-win-win.

Do we contact you directly if we are interested in your suppliers?

YES! In some cases, we process orders directly, and in others, we will facilitate a conversation and introduce you to our supplier partner. Contact us first. It doesn’t cost you a thing.

Why do supplier companies work with iDEAL?

Manufacturers work with iDEAL for our hospitality supply chain and business development expertise. Instead of building or expanding their own sales force, it is typically less expensive for them to hire us. We aren’t “brokers” – we have decades of relationships in hotels and help them understand the hospitality supply process.

Who are iDEAL’s customers in the hotel industry?

We work with hotels, management companies, owners, brands and GPO’s. We know the importance and need to work throughout the hospitality ecosystem.

How do you select suppliers?

We are ultra-selective at iDEAL to ensure suppliers have a long-term innovative product and can supply hotels throughout North America, and sometimes Latin & South America. The vetting process is rigorous and we actually decline more than we take on.

I have a hotel / hospitality property. What is a good next step to learn more? 

Nothing beats an in person meeting or videoconference. We recommend 1.5 hour meetings with key stakeholders and decision makers because we want to learn all we can about your hotels/company and ensure we answer all questions that will arise.  In some cases, we will bring our supplier partner(s) with us to the meeting. Reach out at to schedule a meeting.

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