Hotels are Missing Out on a Significant Revenue Opportunity- Their Neighbors

Hotels work hard to provide a comfortable getaway for travelers. The question is why they aren’t trying to be a comfortable getaway for the local community?

With the economy struggling, and now the high price of gas, it is tougher for people to travel. But certainly, everyone still needs a break from the daily grind. COVID has taken away the relaxation that a staycation provided. So how can someone have a getaway without actually getting away?

This is an opportunity for hotels to step in and focus on the amenities they can provide to the local community. There are underutilized restaurants, spas, and pools that hotels can invite your neighbors to enjoy.

Consider these ideas:

  • Ladies’ Night Out with dinner and a spa visit (if you don’t have a spa of your own, bring in some local masseuses)
  • Pool Subscriptions for neighborhood families
  • Date Night that would match dinner with a local concert or performance
  • Family Game Night outside or even inside with a special menu

Great ideas, but you may be asking how you best reach out to the community to let them know about your new promotions. Ironically, your best customers may be those who never think of staying on your property.

Tap into your brand’s loyalty database to find those members who live near you. They’ve likely never been on your property to experience all the great amenities you have. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to make them advocates for friends and work associates to stay at your property when they come to town. This will help you start an entirely new base of guests when travel finally reopens.

Consider tapping into this new opportunity now while you have the chance. At iDEAL Hospitality Partners Group, we are hospitality veterans, just like you and make it our mission to help our industry be the best.