The hotel industry is constantly innovating and shifting in order to provide products and services that guests desire. Technology, wellness-minded and healthier products, more sustainable solutions, and services that that lead to experiences guests desire are top of mind for hoteliers. At the same time, management companies and owners also want suppliers to find creatives ways to solve labor issues and save money. Strategic partnerships with suppliers are key to forming long-lasting solutions that check all the boxes.


In order to stay competitive in a crowded market, it is essential that hoteliers partner with innovative suppliers who are dedicated to solving problems within the hospitality industry. By leveraging high-tech solutions such as facility maintenance solutions, automation software, associate training services, cloud-based storage, virtual concierge services, etc. hotels can reduce labor costs and increase efficiency while still delivering excellent customer service. These solutions enable hotels to provide better customer experiences, meet sustainability and wellness goals and make their operations more efficient and cost effective.


In 2023 and beyond, it is evident that many learnings from the global pandemic are here to stay such as:


  1. Hoteliers are a resourceful and creative bunch.

When it comes to solving supply chain and labor issues, hoteliers are a resourceful bunch and have found creative ways to overcome. They have to be both, given the nature of their business. Hotels are constantly dealing with labor challenges, supply chain concerns, changing guest demands, new technologies, and more. We are able to adapt and overcome and it’s really our nature and culture to be masters at it.


  1. Hotels are thinking long-term.

One of the things that sets hoteliers apart from other businesses is their ability to think long-term. We all were forced to be reactive to COVID-19 challenges, but we quickly translated that to long-term solutions set up proactively. This is evident in the way they’re solving supply chain and labor issues. While some businesses are content to just get by in the short-term, hoteliers are looking for solutions that will work in the long-term. Hotel management, associates, owners and brands have found greater value in partnering with suppliers that help them meet goals.


  1. Hotels are seriously looking for sustainable and wellness solutions.

Hotels are focused on honoring their commitments to sustainability and are finally more wellness/healthy journey focused. They’re not just looking for quick fixes for just luxury hotels, but for solutions with all brands and classes of hotels. They’re looking for ways to improve efficiency, reduce waste, provide healthy options and products, and more. Hoteliers are seeking eco-friendly and wellness product companies that meet their goals and are aligned with their vision.


  1. They’re not afraid to take risks.

Hoteliers are not afraid to take risks with new products and services, especially when they are convinced that ROI, guest demand checkmark, and problem-solving factors are strong. This is evident in their willingness to pilot new technologies and approaches. Veterans of the hospitality industry know that sometimes you have to take a risk in order to find the best solution. Someone has to be the groundbreaker leader and so far, it’s paid off for them.


The hospitality industry will always be a globally competitive environment and it’s pretty clear that the hotels with the highest occupancy, ADR and NOI are the ones that have found the strategic formula of offering desirable products and services from companies that provide solutions along with great products. Hotels that often feel bombarded by suppliers trying to sell products, they are now in listening-mode and realize the value of a true and valuable strategic partnership with these companies.


Suppliers that become strategically aligned with brands, hotels, management companies, owners and group purchasing organizations are the ones that offer the solution package to hotels. The solutions include solving problems, helping to meet goals of sustainability or wellness, offer a savings and does not require additional labor. Jill Dean Rigsbee, CEO & Founder At iDEAL Hospitality Partners Group says, “We evaluate industry-wide problems and goals, and seek out suppliers that meet these needs, or fixes that problem. Completing our supplier survey is the first step for companies that are interested in sales within the hotel industry. We are always interested in finding ways to help our industry – it’s our entire focus.”


In today’s competitive market, hoteliers need to stay ahead of the curve and a key way to do that is by partnering with innovative suppliers who understand their industry needs and can tailor solutions to meet them.