A Reflection Back on 40 Years in Hospitality and Welcoming 2023 – Thank you, Dad

By iDEAL Hospitality Partners Group Founder & CEO Jill Dean Rigsbee I have no problem telling my age, but the running joke is, “I started in the hospitality business when I was 7 years old”.  [...]

4 Key Steps for Suppliers Who Want a Hospitality Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) Contract

Are you a supplier company with a product or service that you think is ideal for the hotel industry? Are you keeping up with the trends in the hospitality industry? There is no doubt that [...]

5 iDEAL Key Points to Understanding Selling Products to Hotels

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to sell your product or service to the hotel industry? Does your product hit the mark of solving problems or helps hoteliers to meet goals? Are you finding [...]

3 Things on the Minds of Hoteliers for 2023

As the hotel industry gears up for returning to a new normal and more robust 2023, there are three things on every hotelier’s mind. What trends will take off in the upcoming year? How can [...]

Why Brokers and Manufacturers Reps Aren’t Ideal for Sales of Products into Hotels

Hotels are notoriously complex places to do business for suppliers. There are various decision makers including brands, management companies, owners, group purchasing organizations and the hotel itself. Even within that ecosystem, there are dozens of [...]

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Hospitality Industry: The #1 Hospitality Information Guide!

The hospitality sector is widely seen as a subset of the broader service industry, with an emphasis on leisure rather than more essential necessities. This article will teach you more about the nature of the [...]

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