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The key to finding sustainable and innovative products in the hospitality industry and beyond is to think outside the box.

Our business is ever-evolving, especially lately. We know it’s important that you have the latest products and services that will keep your guests, residents and customers coming back. Hospitality is a competitive business, and we are committed to helping our hotels grow through innovative and unique items that will be available and around for the long haul. We represent new and existing companies that offer hotels and beyond just what they need, when they need it.

Solutions in hospitality procurement

We help the hospitality ecosystem solve problems and increase revenue

iDEAL’s hospitality industry customers are hotels, management companies, owners, senior living communities, residential apartments, hotel brands and Group Purchasing Organizations. From luxury hotels through economy, our team’s commitment to making the industry we care about better through suppliers that have products and services they may not know about yet – until now.

We work with hotel brands and group purchasing organizations

iDEAL can introduce new products to hotel brands and the group purchasing organizations that serve thousands of hotels. Interest in innovative technology that solves problems, healthier F&B options and more are important focuses for both brands and GPO’s.

We provide hospitality consulting and business development services to companies

Companies that want to sell their products to hotels often learn that it is complex, and not like the sales process in other industries. It can be costly to build internal sales and account management teams or expand their business development teams. iDEAL’s team offers decades of hospitality and procurement experience and helps select suppliers grow sales and operate and succeed at a top level within the industry.

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Our work will be guided by our relationships, and by building on the respect and expertise that we bring to the hospitality industry ecosystem. Our team of experts knows the importance of giving properties and guests the products and services they need and desire in our post-pandemic world and beyond


We are recognized by Clients and Customers as the “go-to” experts for innovative, sustainable and valued products and services.


Powering the hospitality and other industries to be market-focused and impactful through curation and connection with innovatively sustainable products and services.


We understand every client and customer has unique needs. We start by listening.

Our Procurement Process


The first step to any good relationship is listening. We want to hear what is working now and what are the opportunities to be better at driving revenue, sales and profitability. We want to brainstorm ideas with you and hear about your success plans. We really get to know and understand your business so we can help you grow.

Our Procurement Process


Laser targeted solutions is the quickest path to big wins and longevity for any business. Our team (and our suppliers) will analyze and understand your goals to create a real plan for growth and bottom line results. Hospitality products can be unique and how hotels buy products and services is an organized and focused process. Supply chain solutions, driving ROI, customer service processes and more are all important areas we target for our clients and our hospitality customers.

Our Procurement Process


One size does not fit all and customizing is important for every business. At iDEAL Hospitality Partners Group, we understand specifications and pay close attention to products and services that are mandated vs. recommended. Guests, Owners, Management Companies, Communities and Stores need products that sets them apart from competition and keeps guests, residents and consumers coming back. We seek out and develop clients businesses that offer innovative products and services to help you be unique, branded and fresh and offer top solutions to our customers. .

Our Procurement Process


When customers decide to purchase from one of our suppliers, the deal does not end there. Service after the sale and honoring commitments is part of our vetting process. We turn away more suppliers than we take on and serving the hospitality industry like a rockstar is important to us.

Our Procurement Process


Whether we are executing a business development plan for a supplier client, or introducing our suppliers to work with hotels directly, we know that success for all is dependent on following through and honoring commitments.

Our Procurement Process


When a company succeeds at developing and growing sales in the hotel industry, breakthrough innovation occurs and hotels are better.  A return on investment and additional revenue at the hotel level is our ultimate goal. Helping GPO’s and brands ensure properties are purchasing is a win-win-win for all.

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