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The iDEAL team brings supplier solutions to hotels, brands, management companies, owners and group purchasing organizations

“Thousands of  hotels, owners and management companies know that it’s important to deliver guests and customers what they need and want.  Our company was built to bring fresh new ideas, products and services hospitality doors where we have meaningful and trusted relationships.”

Jill Dean Rigsbee, CEO | Founder



We know hotels and hotels know us.

Founded by a 30+ year hospitality veteran, our team of expert insiders offer first-hand experience. Through working in hotels, to business development, sales of products and services to hotel supply chain and procurement, we know the process of procuring goods and services is selective and that’s why we are ultra-choosey and make sure we have top innovative companies as our supplier partners so that we can bring our customers in hospitality products and services they need. We focus on offering zero supply chain issues, ROI, savings, products that target guests needs for health and wellness and help our customers reach sustainability goals.

iDEAL Solutions for Hoteliers and Beyond

We present our hotel customers with products and services throughout North America, South America, Caribbean and Mexico. If you are a hotelier with properties in the economy, select service. full service or luxury market, our suppliers are a must to explore and consider. If you have a casino or resort, senior living community, residential apartments, conference center or golf club, you will want to hear from us regularly. We understand how your day to day operation works and how important it is to keep guests, customers and residents coming back.

iDEAL Business Development Services for Select Supplier Companies

For select supplier companies, we provide consulting and educating on the complex world of selling products to hotels. Our team becomes the hospitality sales division and offers marketing and business development for companies that are eager to achieve new sales, or expand in the hospitality sector and beyond.  Companies reach out to us if they are considering developing a hospitality sales organization, or expanding. We offer cost-savings solutions vs. building a division in-house and because of our relationships within the hospitality ecosystem, our goal is to grow sales quickly and work with brands and group purchasing organizations to introduce your product or service to them.  We do not represent companies that are competitive with current brand standards or a GPO contract. Complete our Supplier Inquiry Form and we will connect to discuss options.

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